School Games Mark

With the evolution of the School Games gathering at a pace, we have taken the opportunity to review School Games Mark to ensure it still fit for purpose. It remains central that School Games Mark is a development tool that needs to help schools to effectively reflect on their engagement in the School Games and to also reflect on the difference that they are making for those young people that need to be physically active the most. We want this to be a clear and simple review tool that aids schools to make some informed decisions and allow School Games Organisers (SGOs) to get a better understanding of the schools that they work with needs. Based on feedback from the network of schools and SGOs we have looked to reinstate and refresh the levels of Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum for 2021/22 enabling those schools that want the stretch to do so whilst supporting all schools to benchmark their provision against a nationally recognised set of criteria.

Below you can download the School Games Mark Criteria and Guidance documents-

The application window opens on Wednesday 4th May and closes on Wednesday 27th July and schools can access it through their Your School Games dashboard here